duminică, 17 iulie 2016

Deposit on ATM

In UK every ATM ( cash mashie) will give you money no matter at what bank you have account. But you can't put money.
That's why I believe it is time to a new invention. At every ATM to be an option of  deposit cash in your a account no matter who's belong the ATM or to which bank your account belong.

joi, 16 iunie 2016

Far away from home - cap. 13

It past awhile since I wrote last time about this subject.
In the last months I learn a lot of many things, and I accommodate with the life from here.
I must admit the fact that I believe it's everywhere the same, people are the same, only the culture and hobbit are different. Basic needs are the same, and society are almost identically wherever you go. The only difference is the economy of that region.

sâmbătă, 28 mai 2016

Make your life better

Every day we want more but rarely we receive something.
Is in our nature to need more and more, of course, good staff only.

But beings aware that's almost impossible to have all we wish for, is better to do whatever we can. So look a wise though:
Love forever
Dream big
Smile always!

luni, 16 noiembrie 2015

What is what you fight for?

What you want for your life? 

When I was young I had a visions of how the way life must be in a very different way then now.    I can't say that right now my visions is the right one, and I surely love more what was my opinion in my youth,  but it's not possible, so I will take what I have as good as is possible.

So: right now I have some priority, and my priority is my family and my home. And in order to my home by O.K. is need money, and money is hard to make it in my own country, so for a while I must work in U.K., and with money wined hear at hard work to make a small business in my country. I really wish to work on internet website  or blogging, and to winn some money from that. But it may not be a successful idea, so I must concentrate to some other ideas, ...... I hope I find something in the next week, something to like it and to make profit from it. 

Far away from home Cap. 12

Every day you must learn something new. Uonfortunately  when you tired, like me today, after 12 hours of physicals work, you don't remember anything. 

One things I like in factory. Because is many nationality every body say O.K. with big finger up. And I like that.

And .... This is all for today. 

Far away from home Cap. 11

O.K. Let's put on the table why I come in U.K. for work. My story.

My wife is sick,  has epilepsy, diseases of System Neuronal Centre.

I have 2 kids, first of 8 year and the other 9.

So I must work hard to provide them all they need. That's why I come to England, to work, for money.

I wish that when I'll come back un country, to do a lot. But one of them is to make a office of my on, where to write a screen play for a movie. And probably couple of book, cause I love writing.

But of course is another other many things which must be done.

I hope I will be app to work every day, at lest 6 months.   It wil be hard without my family close to me, but for them is all this.

In next week I must apply for National Insurans Number. And then I will write about that. 

Far away from home Cap. 10

Sometimes all you want is to run from all of this, to give up, to return home.

But is probably the accommodation time, which is very hard. And when you live with some people who in every saturday night make party with music at maximum, is bad. 

It's a huge different from the life you have in your one home, and even in time you will be used with that, it will never be  O.K., and probably it's a good things in some how, cause you may try to make all this sacrifice to have a reason and a meaning, and when you will return home you will appreciate mach more  your home, friends, life from home.